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Pitching with Power

Presenting, pitching, public speaking. It’s an increasingly important part of your work life. Whether on stage, in a project meeting or a job application, a good pitch can make the difference. But how do you build a compelling pitch and present it convincingly? Whether it is a business pitch, a startup launch or a job application, our workshops Pitching with Power teaches you the basics for a pitch with impact.


Our Pitching with Power workshops are offered as in-company group trainings varying form one hour to a full day course. We offer short workshops ‘Pitching 101’, which teaches the basis of a good pitch, and ‘Pitching with passion’ whit focus on public speaking techniques as well as a full day training in which you build a complete pitch and learn public speaking skills to deliver it with conviction and confidence. De workshops can be adapted to suit specific goals or audiences. The length of the training determines the level of interactivity.

Amber Veenstra

Super interesting workshop and great energy. I was impressed by the expertise and pleasant style of working with the group. A lot of room to have a laugh with one another which helped the participants a lot!

Amber Veenstra – Event manager Midwest Startup Fest
Anne Smits

Pitch Perfect prepared our Team Blue Jay for our annual Interim event. The workshops taught us to tell a convincing story and stick to our own styles. Really awesome!

Anne Smits – Team manager BlueJay

Options and prices

Do you wish to know more about our trainings? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to tell you more about our standard options or discuss the possibilities to adjust our programs to your specific needs. Are you a startup or student? Inquire about our special rates! All prices are in Euro without VAT, travel expenses and location costs.

In-company 1 hour (6-20 p.)
In-company 2 hour (6-20 p.)
In-company 4 hour (6-15 p.)
In-company full day (4-10 p.)
Individual/ Open training full day