Presentation training


Our presentation trainings strengthen your skills as a public speaker and help you make a convincing pitch. With experience-oriented interactive exercises you expand your comfort zone and confidence on stage. We offer in-company trainings for companies and open group courses for individuals, self-employed and small organizations.



A powerful presentation starts with your authenticity as a speaker. We believe that theatre skills form the perfect basis to improve your presentation skills. Knowledge about storytelling en techniques for expression,  and breathing help you to give a compelling speech in your personal style and to feel comfortable being on stage.

Our strength lies in creating awareness. Awareness of what exactly you wish to tell and how you can do that using storyline and expression. Lively interactive exercises let you experience what works for you and what the effect is of the expertise you learn. By working actively and freely you will enlarge your comfort zone and present with more ease. Our experiential method creates insights that improve your presentation directly and will continuously develop your qualities as a public speaker.

Learning is most effective when it is done with pleasure. Our exercises are not only instructional but a lot of fun as well! You will laugh a lot with your fellow trainees, inspire one another and discover a passion for presenting. We work with small groups of maximum 12 people. You learn with and from your fellow trainees while getting a lot of personal attention at the same time. You will work based on your own presentation. In this way your focus lies with the topics that are most relevant for you. While developing your presentation skills you will develop and perfect your pitch.