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Applying for a job. More and more often we do this online. Preferably with a powerful video pitch. But how to do it? What do you tell in a short pitch? En how do you tell it, so companies will invite you for an interview? Through an interactive webinar and personal coaching the Pitch Doctor training offers the best remedy for a perfect pitch!


A video pitch for a job application gives you the opportunity to show who you are, what moves you. By allowing your passion to speak and talking about your intrinsic qualities, you will show what you as a person have to offer a company. Passion inspires. It increases your chances to get invited for an interview.

Caroline de Hoog

Applying for jobs is hard especially when doing it online. The Pitch Doctor training is the perfect solution for this. It definitely helped me land a job!

Caroline de Hoog – Social Real Estate Advisor
Dettie van Ginkel

I found the job application pitch training very surprising, instructive and useful. It taught me to focus on my strengths. What makes me happy, gives me energy, in stead of looking for answers you think people want to hear.

Dettie van Ginkel – Commercial assistant
Elena Chachakova

A very insightful training with individual focus and lots of practical tips to get the best out of yourself and show it. Highly recommended!

Elena Chachakova – Legal & Compliance Expert
Ilse Burgwal

The training was fun, instructive and challenging. Pitch Perfect has a pleasant way style of presenting and giving feedback and has loads of practical tips. I now have a great personal pitch. I can absolutely recommend this!

Ilse Burgwal – Finance assistant


The Pitch Doctor job application pitch training is aimed at job seekers who want to use a (video) pitch to trigger companies to invite them for an interview. People who want to build a convincing pitch in a short period of time and learn how to present it with passion. You will get feedback, tips and exercises that you can immediately apply in your pitch.

Do you want to go more in depth and fundamentally improve your presentation skills? In that case our Professional training or Keynote coaching may be the thing for you! Check out the options under the ‘trainings’ tab.


  • A compelling pitch
  • Convincing story
  • Clear and focused narrative
  • Online presentation skills
  • Confident public speaker
  • Tailored coaching


The Pitch Doctor job application training can be attended as an individual in our open trainings or as a group training for 6 people. Rates for in-company group training are ex location costs in case of live training and coaching. All rates are in Euro ex VAT.

Individual / open training
Group / In-company training