Presentation training


We advance ideas, concepts, people and organizations contributing to a better world, by helping people tell their authentic stories with passion. Through expert training and coaching we aim to contribute to positive change, share new knowledge and unlock unlimited possibilities.


A powerful presentation starts with your authenticity as a speaker. We believe that theatre skills form the perfect basis to improve your presentation skills. Knowledge about storytelling en techniques for expression and breathing help you to give a compelling speech in your personal style and to feel comfortable being on stage.

our core values

  • Authenticity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Openness
  • Attention
  • Progress


Our strength lies in creating awareness. Awareness of what exactly you wish to tell and how you can do that using storyline and expression. Lively interactive exercises let you experience what works for you and why. Our experiential method creates insights that improve your presentation directly and will continuously develop your qualities as a public speaker.

Loek Daemen

As trainer / coach I help you tell your own authentic story. With a constructive and out-focus approach I address your specific needs to develop the authentic public speaker inside you. I provide skills, insights and exercises that help you make the right steps. I work with enormous joy and passion. All my previous experience, talents and creativity converge in this work. I truly love my job!

Loek Daemen – Founder / trainer / coach
Mariëlle Dortmans

As a voice specialist I help you with every facet of the voice. Breath, speech, song and mindset. Everything is connected. Though my coaching and therapy I give you control over your body, thoughts and voice. I create space for your voice and freedom to find your authentic force. Always working with a firm dose of enthusiasm and positivity! Find out more on

Mariëlle Dortmans – voice specialist



In all that we do we strive to progress the Global Development Goals. Our focus being goals 10, 7 and 13: Reduce inequalities within and between countries (10), ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all (7) and take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts (13). We do this specifically through our Fruits of Fridays program offering our services for free for startups and non-profit organizations that progress these goals.