Presentation training

Online professional

Conferencing, meeting, learning, we are taking things online more and more. This requires a new set of skills. This course brings the physical liveliness of our professional training online. In 5 interactive sessions you will improve your online and offline presentation and skills. You learn how to build a concise animated story line and use expression and techniques to tell your story convincingly and with ease.


  • Convincing & effective presentation
  • Clear & concise story
  • Improved posture & expression
  • Online presenting skills
  • Confidence on stage
  • Professional basis as public speaker
  • Continuous learning through awareness
  • Passion for presenting

How does it work?

The online training is using the Zoom platform by preference. Together with max 4 other trainees you will develop your skills through interactive exercises and mutual feedback in this online setting. A computer or laptop with a camera, microphone and stable internet connection and which can be placed at standing eye level is required. The training consists of 5 1,5 hours sessions. Times and dates will be arranged with the group.

Rates & options